Brazil 3 – Croatia 1 – Final Result

Well what first seemed to be a possible shocker for the hosts ended in Brazil beating Croatia 3-1 after coming from behind. Both teams seemed a little timid during the first half, understandably with it being the first game of the tournament but that all changed however when Marcelo accidentally converted a low cross into his own net. Brazil then began to attack a lot more frequently and that lead didn’t last very long with Neymar stepping up and cracking the ball into the bottom right hand corner from just outside the box. Croatia then suffered more bad luck when Brazil were given a penalty which from the replays was very soft and controversial. Neymar stepped up and claimed his second of the night, the keeper only just not grasping the ball when he probably should have done. The keeper then suffered another slight blunder when Oscar toe pecked the ball into the bottom left corner outside the box giving Brazil a 3-1 lead. This finished Croatia off and got Brazil going with a winning start they will have felt they deserved.

How far do you think the hosts will get?
Did Croatia show enough to possibly get past the group stages?

Guess we will have to wait and see!

Here comes the World Cup!


So with the World Cup starting in just a couple of days now, I was wondering who you had your money on?

Personally I feel Belgium will take it this time around. They may lack a little in experience but I feel they counter that with the talent and youth. They have a strong side following the Premier League season just gone and so there is no reason for them not to compete. Plus it would seem a few sides are having a little trouble & players are being left out that you never expected would be and so we know for sure it will be an interesting tournament to say the least.

The England Squad, having a lot of youth implemented themselves while keeping the experienced ones seem quite ready for the tournament too. The friendlies granted were a little dyer but they are friendlies and we all know they tend to never show the true capabilities of the teams at hand. Southampton have definitely played a big part in this years chosen team with the likes of Rickie Lambert, Adam Lallana and Luke Shaw making the cut. These will definitely be players to keep an eye on and will be more than ready to show they were right decisions. Plus if England were to be boring, we still have the likes of Ronaldo (Portugal) and Messi (Argentina) to look forward to.

Now being a city fan myself and having watched a great season, I was surprised by the likes of Álvaro Negredo, Samir Nasri and Jesus Navas being left out. Now this is not just me being bias as I’m sure a lot of you would agree and I’m also sure there is probably a few others players you were surprised didn’t get the call. You then have the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic who will not even be participating so there will definitely be some talent missing too that’s for sure.

Guess either way we will be enjoying plenty of football in the next couple of weeks.


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