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a) All managers and /or their assistants must complete the basic FA Junior Team Coaching award.
b) All managers and /or their assistants must complete a basic first aid course.
c) All Managers should continue to research new coaching methods and always aim to improve their technique as well as their players.
d) Always look to improve their squad and have a squad of the best available players. Do not become complacent.
e) Develop a good behavior with all squad members.
f) All Managers and their assistants are responsible for the behavior of their squad at Games, Training, and any social event, where they are representing Dukinfield Youth JFC.
g) All Managers and assistants should make themselves available at regular intervals for coaching sessions at the Soccer School, both mid and close season.
h) All Managers and assistants should ensure all squad members enjoy their football and their time with Dukinfield Youth JFC.

Dukinfield youth Junior Football Club & Soccer School
This is to assist new Club members and remind existing members of their obligations in managing a team within Dukinfield Youth JFC. To ensure the continued success of the Club, responsibility can no longer remain between the few. Consequently all Managers and their Assistants must subscribe to this code of conduct. There can be no exceptions.


I) All Managers and their assistants are key to the establishment of football ethics. Your concept of these ethics directly effects the behavior of your players. You are therefore expected to pay particular care to the moral aspect of your player’s conduct.
j) It is natural that winning constitutes a basic concern for managers. This code is not intended to conflict with that, however the code calls for managers to disassociate themselves from a ‘win at all costs’ attitude.
k) Managers and their assistants must respect the rights, dignity and worth of each and every person they coach and treat each equally within the context of the sport.
I) Managers and their assistants must place the well being and safety of each player above all other consideration including the development of their performance.
m) Managers and their assistants must develop an appropriate working relationship with each player based on mutual trust and respect.
n) Managers and their assistants must encourage and guide each of their players to accept responsibility for their own behavior and performance.
o) Managers should at the outset clarify with the players (and where appropriate, parents) exactly what is expected of them and also what they are entitled to expect from you and your assistants.
p) Managers and their assistants must always promote the positive aspects of the sport (e.g. fair play) and never condone violations of the laws of the game.
q) Managers and their assistants must consistently display high standards of behavior and appearance.
r) Managers and their assistants must never use or tolerate inappropriate language.
s) Set a positive example for others, particular the players and spectators.
t) Show respect to Match officials and others involved in the game.
u) Dukinfield Youth JFC fully supports the aims and objectives of the ‘Lets Kick Racism out of Football’ campaign.

a) All Managers are responsible for their own team administration; copies of any outgoing correspondence must be given to the Club Secretary.
b) All Managers are to ensure a representative from their team attends every one of their respective League meetings.
c) Any correspondence relating to Club matters must be forwarded to the Secretary. Only the Secretary can send outgoing correspondence relating to Club matters.
d) All Managers and their assistants must fully comply with DYJFC rules and regulations.
e) All Managers and their assistants must fully comply with their respective League rules and regulations.
f) All Managers and their assistants must fully comply with the Manchester FA rules and regulations.
g) All Managers are fully responsible for the conduct and behavior of their spectators.
h) All Managers or their assistants must attend each Club meeting.
I) All Managers must comply with the rulings of majority decision made by the committee, or its officials.
j) All Managers are fully responsible for all equipment, balls, nets, kits, etc. Any misuse that results in damage or loss will be charged to the Manager.
k) The manager is responsible for appearance of their players on match days and official team events or functions. For example kits must be washed properly each week and players must wear their shirts in their shorts at all times on match days.
I) All Managers and their assistants are expected to attend all fundraising and Club social events, and assist in their organization and control.
m) Managers cannot enter their team in any Cup competitions without first notifying the Club Secretary.
N) The Executive Committee shall be empowered to deal with all matters
Not provided for in these rules, and in the interpretation thereof.

a) Each Manager has to raise a minimum of £250 from his team or sponsors (exclude kit sponsors) in a season. This minimum amount excludes any monies raised at the Sportsman’s dinner.
Ways to raise money: e.g.
Penalty Shoot out, Easter Raffle, Quiz nights, Car boot Sale Etc
b) Each Manager must provide their own team sponsor for their Football Kit. No Kit will be replaced without a Sponsor being found. Each Kit is designed to last two full seasons.
c) At the Sportsman’s dinner event each Manager should aim to sell at least one table per team.
d) All managers are required to sell their allocation of club raffle tickets.

e)Each manager should ensure that two parents from his/her team attend the club fundraising meetings.


a) ALL monies collected on behalf of or in connection with the club must be paid to the club treasurer.
b) Monies must be paid in as soon as possible, Withholding of monies for whatever reason is not allowed.
c) Subs must be paid in monthly. Any team not paying subs in on time will be dealt with via the club disciplinary secretary and risk being suspended.
d) All monies must be accompanied by the correct paperwork
e.g. Balance sheet.

e) Teams are allowed to provide their player’s drinks for match days only. Monthly cost should be minimal (receipts required). This allowance cannot be used to provide anything else, only drinks.

f) Referees fees should be paid on a weekly basis the amount will be set by the league.

g) No other expenses should be paid without first seeking permission of the club chairman / treasurer.

f) All fundraising events must be communicated via the fundraising committee.

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