Glodwick and Clarksfield v Duk Whites 20/4/19

Team From: Callum Malpas, Sam Byrne, Leon Hampson, James Collinson, Tom Fulton, Lewis Hewitt Britner, Yayah Malik, Ben Melling Whitworth, Gianni Tumini, Alexander Winstanley, Noah Garvey, Callum Lee, Jack Ward, Lewis Hartford Tyrer and Mackenzie Yates.

Coaches Renny Tumini & Harley Clarke

As the opposition didn’t turn up for the game, it was decided that the Whites have a kick about between themselves, so a game took place, with 8 a side including the two coaches and some of the parents. As we didn’t have VAR, that the kids kept asking for, we only had VOR (Very Old Referee), it was the inside outs shirts v the hoops, the score was 2-2 at half time and finished 4-3 to the hoops. The goal keepers weren’t very good, Renny & Harley, as it was with the Ref (Me) who didn’t move very far from the centre circle. It was a good fun work out for the lads, on a very hard pitch, on a very hot day.

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