Match Report Duk U14s Whites v Duk U14s Blacks 11/02/2017

Todays game played in the    Under 14s Saturday Premier League.

Venue: Astley Sports Dukinfield

Team From: Callum Malpas, Josh Read, Mackenzie Yates, Brodie Ashworth, Sam Byrne, Alex Campbell, James Collinson, Lewis Harford-Tyrer, Callum Lee, Conner McBride, Benjamin Melling-Whitworth, Brodie Oldham, Gianni Tumini, Alexander Winstanley, Yaya Malek, Lewis Pelling.

Coaches: Renny Tumini, Alan Graham and Harley Clark.

Result: Dukinfield U14s Whites 1 v Dukinfield U14s Blacks 4

It was good to get back to some football after so many postponements and this game was played on a bitter cold and wet day.

The game started but after 3 minutes the game was stopped due to the wrong ref taking the match, when the correct ref turned up the game was restarted from the begining and what a start it was for the Whites When Brodie Ashworth went on a brilliant run and slotted the ball home in under 30 seconds. The Whites had three shots on goal saved before the opposition created a chance that the whites keeper Josh Reed pull off a brilliant save to keep them out. The opposition then had another chance that was saved by the Whites keeper. The Whites created two more chances that came to nothing before the half time break HT 1-0.

The second half didnt start well for the White who conceded a goal that was miles off side but the ref allowed it to stand 1-1 THe blacks then upped their game and the Whites conceded 3 more goals. inbetween the Whites created a couple of chances that came to nothing and the game ended 1-4.

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